Tue Nov 25, 2014 hl news

Today’s Headline dictation. (2014/11/25 21:00 On-air)

  • A deadline for an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program has been pushed back by seven months.
  • The bank of japan governor has expressed hope that companies for rase base payees as a means of ending chronic deflation.
  • An NHK survey shows that the percentage of peoples who have considerable interest the upcoming Lower house election is downed by 17 percentage points.
as a means of – 〜の手段[方法]として
ending chronic deflation – 慢性的デフレーションの終息
1個目 “A deadline for an agreement” の “for an” も、News Detail を聴いて入れたもので、head line summary では、何回聞き直ししても、とてもそれとは聞き取れませんでした。


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