Sun Nov 16, 2014 hl news

Today’s Headline dictation. (2014/11/16 21:00 On-air)

The G20 summit in Brisbane Australia has ended after issuing a declaration calling for sustainable and balanced economic growth throw flexible monetary and fiscal policies.

The Leaders of japan, the US and Australia have agreed to deepen their three way partnership. They have issued the join statements saying they want to ensure a peaceful , stable and prosperous future for the Asia Pacific region.
Voters in Okinawa appear to have chosen a new governor who opposes the central government’s plan to relocate the US base within the prefecture.
prosperous  –  (状況などが) 有望な、うまくいきそうな
“after issuing” を “at ensuring” と聞き間違い。意味的にもおかしいのに。まだぎこちない聞き取り。反省です。


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