Lesson 1 – How do you do?

NKH WORLDの 外国人向け日本語レッスンのコンテンツ “Easy Japanese” を素材にして、逆に、英語のを勉強してみましょうというシリーズ。






“Key to Progress – コツコツ上達のコツ”


If you have had any experiences of working or meeting Japanese people, you have noticed that the often bow and say to you “よろしくお願いします” .

The expression is not only used in introduce yourself, but when you asking someone a favor.

For example:
“よろしくお願いします” is sometimes sounds at the end of e-mail or letter.

You might have wondered what favor the person who wrote of asking.
Well, you may not refer to anything particular, but saying “よろしくお願いします” is the general greeting covering hole contents of e-mail or letter.

You could say this is one of the typical Japanese expression.

訂正:動画のスライドに上の太字 “this is” が抜けてました。



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